Wilderness Adventure Camp by Frank Grindrod

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This hands-on guidebook teaches kids aged 10 and up essential outdoor camping and survival skills, with step-by-step photos for how to build a fire, pick a campsite, make a lean-to, use a knife, cook over an open fire, and more. Whether in the rugged backcountry or a suburban backyard, kids can experience the sense of personal independence and self-confidence that come from outdoor proficiency, while also developing a deeper connection to and understanding of the natural world. With this skills-based book, kids learn essential safety and survival tips and bushcraft that they need to have a safe wilderness experience. Led by outdoor leader Frank Grindrod of Earthwork Programs, every turn of the page takes kids on another stage of the journey. They learn how to pack for the outdoors, navigate using a map and a compass, choose and set up a campsite, handle and use a knife properly, build a fire, tie different types of knots, make a lean-to out of sticks and leaves, and cook over an open fire. This guide teaches more than just outdoor know-how; it fosters appreciation for the natural world and pride in knowing how to use its resources as a tool for survival and adventure. AGES: 10 plus AUTHOR: Frank Grindrod is a wilderness survival instructor, public speaker, and expedition leader who has been featured on ABC's Chronicle, as well as on Masslive and other local New England TV and radio. He has led trips in Alaska, the Rocky Mountains, and the Florida Everglades. He has also been an adjunct faculty member at Smith College and University of Georgia, where he taught Wilderness Survival courses. Grindrod is the owner of Earthwork Programs in New England and, for the last 20 years, he has trained thousands of people to become more capable in the wild. SELLING POINTS: . Connects kids to nature. This skill-based outdoor activity book for teens and tweens aligns with the growing trend in raising free-range kids and the importance of learning essential outdoor skills. . An eye-catching guide for fans of survival shows. Tweens who love watching survival shows will be inspired by the photographs and drawn to the idea that they can learn essential safety and survival skills. . Capturing the authenticity of a wilderness camp in a book. Written by an expert educator and camp leader, this book brings the full wilderness camp experience alive, with how-to photos taken at his camp.