Montval  Watercolour Paper 55x75 300g

Montval Watercolour Paper 55x75 300g

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Canson Montval watercolour paper has a great erasability. The essential key for this high quality watercolour paper is this ability to easily make corrections. This paper allows corrections even using a simple brush stoke. Canson Montval was designed by the famous painter Gaspard Maillol in the early 20th century and made on aFoundrinier machine. Canson Montval is "THE" paperwhen it comes to watercolour, however it can alsobe used with other wet techniques such as gouacheoracrylic. This beautiful cold pressed surface allows for multiple reliefs and effects. Delicate shade, cold pressed, snowy grain, numerous qualities make this paper a classic "Must Have" among the Canson family of products. Complies with ISO Standard9706, acid-free and without optical brightnessadditives. Mould-resistant treatment.